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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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12 Responses to 1057

  1. Oh my goodness, Jon, you made me cry. I’m sad to say that your cartoon is all too often true.

  2. jonbirch says:

    sorry grandmere mimi… you’re right, it is moving. i do love elephants. if it helps, you do sometimes get a rogue elephant and naughty teens, but they do sort themselves out very well. wish people did. :-)

  3. It’s not your fault that the truth is the truth.

  4. jonbirch says:

    yes, i’d hate to be responsible for that! :-)

  5. i just hope i never become a white one …

  6. goodfield says:

    And many of them are even slimmer thann some humans! :-0

  7. markk says:

    I did think of a way that it was better to be a human than an elephant, but I’ve forgotten what it was.

  8. goodfield says:

    Markk – if you were an Elephant you’d remember :-)

  9. Caroline Too says:

    ah but can elephants get the most from a Macbook Pro or use an iPad touch screen, Jon?

  10. Caroline Too says:

    more seriously

    we are the human race
    competing to be first to grab
    what we can claim as ours
    what we can claim to own
    what we can claim to keep

    we are a human race
    and the left behind
    will have no place
    within our crowd
    within our grab-all world

    we are the human race
    and I thought it was all the bankers’ fault
    but then the MPs got their duck house
    and policemen sold their clues
    and reporters stole a phone
    call from a little girl

    We are a human race
    but still I thought that it was THEM
    not me…
    until I heard of whiplash claims
    and fraud from crashing cars
    just ordinary, ev’ryday folk…

    …who are in the human race
    competing to be first to grab
    what we can claim as ours
    what we can claim to own
    what we can claim to keep

    Lord have mercy,
    so that we might learn mercy
    for those who do not win the human race,
    the weak, the young and old.

    Sorry if this makes no sense to folk who didn’t hear the news about insurance companies having
    to pay out on thousands of ‘bogus’ injury claims from car accidents… it just seemed to me to yet
    another example of us grabbing what we think we can get away with, and it linked to Jon’s cartoon in our inability to notice who needs to be looked after as we race to grab what we can…

    ok, I’ll go and get my coat now :-)

  11. Kim says:

    Caroline Too – love that, thanks for sharing your gift. I am reminded of the poem ascribed to Mother Teresa called ‘Anway’. It was found written on one of the walls at the prphanage where she worked and it seems a good balance between the good in humans and the darkness or shadow also present in each of us.


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