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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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26 Responses to 1072

  1. Geordie Gilly says:

    We never quite get it right, do we. Either we don’t notice people (or ignore them) or we pounce on them and put them off. There must be a middle way.
    Oh, and am I first?
    And have we got rid of the italics?

  2. jonbirch says:

    geordie gilly…yes we have… hooray!

    i think some people like being invisible. the bigger the crowd the easier it is.

  3. Tiggy Sagar says:

    He looks like Secret Squirrel after an accident.!

  4. I’m going to dress up in bandages one time and see how it goes …

  5. Goodfiels says:

    Who said that ? :-)

  6. Andy Berry says:

    i sometimes feel more invisible the less ‘obvious’ i appear…and still there is some confusion as to why so many churches are either stagnating or declining…maybe if i started wearting a suit? a face that fits, ironically, more often seems to stand out more than one that doesn’t…or is this just my morning cynicism???

  7. Geordie Gilly says:

    Dennis the Menace – someone might ask if you felt OK

  8. Pat says:

    An interesting contrast between the level of comment generated (thus far) by this cartoon and the heat and dust raised by the previous one. Sadly instructive in assorted ways perhaps :-(

  9. TreeHouseBooks says:

    some churchy stuff awaken’s a desire in me to instantly become invisible

  10. jonbirch says:

    dennis… let me know how you get on. :-)

    treehousebooks… know what y’mean oh too well.

    pat… yup… as per…

    andy berry… interesting thoughts…

  11. andylowe01 says:

    I quite liked the italics really

  12. jonbirch says:

    andy… please… no! :-)

  13. jonbirch says:

    put it back as it was!!!

  14. Laura says:

    apparently your request is invisble too :-)

  15. andylowe01 says:

    Sorry. I was just curious to see what would happen. I won’t do it again… I promise.

    Although, I wonder if I can make it all bold?

  16. andylowe01 says:

    And I don’t really know how to put it back…

  17. andylowe01 says:

    Surely that’s not supposed to happen

  18. Pat says:

    Perhaps that’s how God feels too at times :-?

  19. jonbirch says:

    :-( please stop messing about with the comments andy.

  20. suelmo says:

    I must be invisible – despite giving of huge amounts of time, money, energy, care, love, compassion, support, ideas, and giving of myself over very many years – following the breakdown of my marriage, (with one exception for a few months) I have had no support or friendship, nor has anybody noticed or cared that I am no longer at the church. Nobody even contacted me when I finally stopped giving financially.
    I have tried other churches, but my experience has been that I always come away feeling worse than when I arrived, and that church – in my current experience – is the most lonely place to be. As I find no benefit and I struggle to find enough time to do what I need and want to do in the rest of my life, I am taking a long term break from church just now.
    So, I am glad you guys are all here :-)

  21. Pat says:

    suelmo – that is so very sad – and sadly, so very unsurprising :-( I have some fellow feeling with you here, having also once left (albeit under different circumstances) a church in which I’d been very involved and becoming likewise completely non-existent. And even though one knows that not all churches are like this, that doesn’t much help when one is stuck in one that is does it :-(

    Virtual hugs


  22. jonbirch says:

    suelmo… that’s awful. really horrible. a virtual hug from me too. if we don’t care about one another, really, what’s the point. :-(

  23. andylowe01 says:

    Apologies. I will refrain from using html tags. Sorry for disrupting the discussions here.

  24. jonbirch says:

    andylowe01… much appreciated. thank you, sir. :-)

  25. TreeHouseBooks says:

    hi suelmo, just read yr post, and sending virtual hugs to you. su

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