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19 Responses to 1073

  1. Pat says:

    Maybe we prefer the answers which fit our already existing view of the world (whether that be conservative or liberal from religious, social or political perspectives :-D )

    Maybe God is on a learning curve too and has to work some things out as they evolve :???:

    Maybe…..:?: :?: :?:

    Maybe I’ll be first to post :lol:

  2. jonbirch says:

    maybe we’re all really stupid. :?

  3. Goodfield says:

    Well he calls us sheep doesn’t he and sheep are not known for being particularly bright! :-)

  4. stcoomk says:

    If the sheep just aren’t getting it, wouldn’t you think the shepherd would make the message clearer and simpler?

  5. Ali says:

    Maybe we’re dealing with the wrong questions? Or hiding begisw them so we don’t have to deal with the stuff he made pretty clear?

  6. Ali says:

    *hiding behind….Doh!

  7. Goodfield says:

    Baa! :-)

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  9. stcoomk says:

    The original questions that prompted this were whether we should have female bishops, and whether people should be in gay relationships.

  10. Ali says:

    i had a feeling they would be – they are the popular big issues for the church at the moment personally i have a problem with neither issue, but recognise that God is bigger than both my prejudices and liberal tendencies. given that there are as many understandings of God and interpretations of scripture as there are Christians in the world (and more besides), i dont think we will ever come to a complete understanding of the answers to these particular questions – but they do make an entertaining diversion to the things he commanded of us that we find difficult or challenging…. :-)

  11. jonbirch says:

    stcoomk… i believe i have the answers to both of those questions.
    1. female bishops? yes.
    2. people should be in gay relationships? yes… but only if they’re gay. :-)

    ali… i agree with your thrust. but if you believe god has called you to something and your pals do too, but you can’t do it just because you’re a woman, it becomes quite a central issue. you’re right though… it is interesting how many comments the cartoon on invisibility got compared to lesbian bishops. that speaks to me somewhat.

  12. jonbirch says:

    stcoomk… “If the sheep just aren’t getting it, wouldn’t you think the shepherd would make the message clearer and simpler?”
    it’s a reasonable question i think. my stock answer would be to say it is pretty simple… love god, love your neighbour. the thing is, i believe that premise to be the most important even if it means abandoning years of theology and doctrine i may have held. who cares what i think if i don’t live a life of love? sadly, i fall way short and don’t even pass my own self scrutiny. :?

  13. Omi says:

    Oooo i like this cartoon!!!!!!!!

    Because, such as the female bishops issue, some women are clearly called by God to ministry, they feel the calling, people pray with them and confirm it, God gives these women the means to train to be ministers, and then gives them a church, and then God uses them to encourage His people to grow in faith and numbers.
    But other churches clearly have it heard from God that women are not to be in any form of leaderhsip position. God has confirmed this curches decisiont o not allow women in the eldership, to preac sermons, to lead anyhting. God is very clear on this matter and through an all male leadership team He is expanding and strengthening His church there.

    So…which is it? Can women be vicars? Or should they not even be allowed to preach in church at all? Surely they can’t both be right? Can they?

    And that’s just ONE of many issues.

    But i like Ali’s point – maybe we’re just asking completely the wrong question?

  14. John S. Wilkins says:

    Maybe he’s busy playing Pokemon…

  15. s4rahislife says:

    God is on a learning curve.

  16. Ali says:

    s4rahislife says: God is on a learning curve.

    Maybe he’s on a “tolerate their numptiness cos i love them” curve?

  17. Caroline Too says:

    maybe because shit happens?

    and maybe love is shown by walking through grief and frustration sometimes, rather than just solving it?

    maybe, therefore, love weeps sometimes rather than saying “there, that’s sorted!”

  18. jonbirch says:

    caroline too… beautiful.

  19. TreeHouseBooks says:

    like it Caroline too

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