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19 Responses to 1077

  1. Anne Priest says:

    he he he… I remember a youth worker who once said if only they’d left that bit out of the bible… you know, where two or three are gathered!!!

  2. lanceleuven says:

    Hah ha! It’s funny because it’s true (in many places at least). And I suspect likely to get truer over time with the aging congregations. Nice one.

  3. goodfield says:

    Sorry I thought this was the doctors waiting room! :-)

  4. jonbirch says:

    anne priest… years ago i was in a brethren prayer meeting. it was a staff meeting for a missionary organisation. most of the people in charge (all men) were away that morning. the chap in charge stood up and said something like, “many of our leaders are not here this morning, but never mind, ‘where two or three are gathered together’…” i looked around the room and there were three men there including me and about twelve women!!! twelve women who didn’t count!!! :?:

  5. goodfield says:

    I’m not sure as I would have taken it that way as the ‘two or three’ to me is a colloquial phrase meaning at least two like saying a ‘few’ but not a specific numbering otherwise – was there any other reason for thinking he was ignoring the women?

  6. jonbirch says:

    goodfield… yup, it was a ‘brethren’ prayer meeting. the men and women all conspiring to keep sexism alive. even though it was the women that made everything function. i honestly do believe there was a part of the guy dismissing the significance of so many women present. i just thought it made the men look stupid and ignorant and the women less than they might be. interestingly, gossip was rife in the place… lots of women, many bright, not taken seriously… it’s a great way to encourage negative activity.

  7. Geordie Gilly says:

    How sad that the only two members of the congregation don’t seem to talk to each other

  8. TreeHouseBooks says:

    it’s freeky how well these cartoon’s capture that ‘nice churchy’ feeling

  9. Forrest says:

    Which brings up, why even bother to have the first three pews in the place to begin with? Save the lumber for something someone will eventually actually use!

  10. jonbirch says:

    forrest… maybe for making sturdy gallows or crosses out of, so we can hang the people we’ve judged?.. i only say that to stir up conversation and i’m not proud of myself. :-/

  11. TreeHouseBooks says:

    sadly belonging to a loveless church does nothing for your sense of lovability, perhaps for a real live transforming experience we should advise people to go down the pub/football ground?

  12. Look at the bigger picture. On stage, behind the Minister, there’s eight folk in the choir (one of whom can sing), the Session Clerk, whoever is dong the readings that morning and the organist, sitting in his cubbyhole under the pulpit.

    Yet they still describe themselves as friendly and welcoming…

  13. Les says:

    Perhaps the rest of the congregation are “loving their neighbour” by holding a big sheet under the “hanging man”(1076)

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  15. Geordie Gilly says:

    Is it a Methodist thing, that everyone sits as close to the back as possible, or do other churches have that problem too. On Maundy Thursday, there were a few of us near the front – the two ministers, the organist, the communion steward and me (working the projector). Everyone else was crushed into the back 6 pews, with a three-four pew cordon sanitaire between us and them. very disconcerting

  16. themethatisme says:

    No, just the same Anglicanwise…

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  19. Evelyn says:

    “And with angels and archangels, and all the company of heaven…”

    I like to believe the church is not as empty as it looks ;-)

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