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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. helicopterandy says:

    me likes!!!

  2. jonbirch says:

    me doesn’t. :-(

  3. helicopterandy says:

    me likes the illustration…not the pain behind it…just your ability to illustrate it

  4. jonbirch says:

    me knew that, my friend, and thank you for liking it. :-)

  5. helicopterandy says:


  6. janetp says:

    Brilliant! :)

  7. jonbirch says:

    hi janetp… is it though? judging by the comparative silence on this post, as sometimes happens, i’m left thinking ‘is this just me who’s seen a whole ton of christian fallout, or have others too?’ i’ve seen relative hell dished out on many… some of whom are strong enough to cope and others who are left utterly battered, none of whom have seen it as in any way edifying. people who have fallen foul to lies, deception, bullying, name calling, manipulation, their pockets plundered, their faith questioned, their integrity undermined… nasty stuff. is it common place?.. it certainly happens and when it happens it needs calling out. thank you for the encouraging comment.

  8. Ruthie says:

    So true! I think others see the fallout but unfortunately most of those who are left wounded, burnt out, totally plundered, have yet to see your wonderful work. Yet I’m thankful I found you & I hope other hurting, wounded people find you and benefit from your work. Thank you for being real and being the absolute best you! :)

  9. JS says:

    Lurker Jenn checking in, representing for the folks out there not necessarily posting but quietly nodding their heads (hence the “comparative silence” perhaps?)
    I’m a newcomer to ASBO Jesus but found “speaking the truth in love/armour” in the back-catalogue and have printed a copy to show around. Related themes, and I agree – Christian bullying behaviour (oxymoron!) does need calling out (…even/especially if I’m one of the ones doing it).

  10. TreeHouseBooks says:

    wow, how we need this little shelter.

    i guess christians are vulnerable to abuse & bullying because our faith is so deeply felt, we understand a conflict within – the part of us which seeks God, & the part of us that’s unredeemed, and yet I think we can have more confidence in our inner experiencing, and God’s power to lead us towards holiness

    I also think christians have at times adopted a ‘broken’ model of single leadership rather than collaborative development, and in trying to impose this man made model all kinds of abuse seem to get justified

    for me, the christian communities I have in my life now have been a wonderful source of love and inspiration, I have had to work through the bruises (and at times life threatening injuries), yet letting God use these experiences to lead me into deeper self knowledge has helped

    as I said, this shelter is very much needed, and if you can’t find this one, the Iona Community may offer some a reasonable second best

  11. goodfield says:

    Sorry Jon,
    Keeping quiet on this because I find it so depressing to think about.. Often think Jesus called us ‘sheep’ for a good reason. :-(

  12. I feel that wherever people are gathered you will have fallout – any group or community whether social, political, religious will push against each other and those who don’t bend enough towards the common ground will find themselves outside the circle. New churches tend to have a direction, a purpose, a mission and so anyone not on-board with that is going to have a hard time. It shouldn’t be so – churches should be immensely open places where people with sharp corners can coexist without bruising. But until we can transmodulate sentience into bricks and mortar we have to cope with human beings running the show and too often they are focused on the prize rather than the journey. Working out differences in people is difficult, requires wisdom and patience and extraordinary courage. Running from pain is a natural instinct but not always the solution.

    Jon, i completely understand where you’re coming from and i’ve been there myself. But i’ve come to understand that very few churches are full of the lies and deception you suggest (but all of them have a little bit) – but if you’re the one hurting for whatever reason that it will definitely appear to be so but in reality they are often just a bunch of people trying to do what’s right as they see it. For every wounded person who leaves and feels abandoned there are those left behind who also feel betrayed, judged and abandoned by the leaver. We are people, not the mouthpiece of God, and we need to rub off our corners in humbleness and expectation of something better through bloody hard work. How do you create a community that doesn’t end up damaging itself?

    Not sure where that all came from.

  13. jonbirch says:

    robin… you are absolutely right in saying that my cartoon really is an exception to the rule. i’ve not been hurt by church in the way the cartoon shows, i don’t think i’d ever allow myself to be… i’m not nearly dutiful enough for one thing. :-) but the cartoon comes from witnessing huge fallout from a couple of major churches in my city over the years. one in the past one going on right now. the harsh words i used to describe the behaviour of the church towards those it has gunned for are, i’m afraid, exactly the right words. and although many have been pushed, there are still many who are oblivious and still going with it… the church is worth millions and buying property and will soon have influence in an area of my city where there are more than the average amount of vulnerable people.
    i know i may get criticism (not by you) for being negative when i do a cartoon like the one above. but i feel the need to respond to what i see as a minor atrocity… major, if you happen to be caught up in it… and as you say, groups of people are always capable of this behaviour in little ways, so maybe the cartoon stands as a little reminder of what could happen if we lose sight of the need to love and care for one another.

  14. mdrev says:

    It is a sad reality for ALL churches new, old or middle aged. Having loved ones on the receiving end of such injuries, and most of the time those inflicting do it unknowingly, this saddens me no end….but there is also a little voice in the back of me head sayin’ “it’s just a scratch…mere flesh wound…come back here you coward!” in a Monty Pythonesque voice :-)

  15. Jon, yeah, totally – and it is very sad and very real.
    mdrev – “but your arms come off!” :D

  16. janetp says:

    Jon: “nasty stuff. is is commonplace?” Good question. In my experience, no … but perhaps I’m one of the lucky ones. I certainly agree the kind of behaviour you mention – wherever it’s found – should be challenged, and that you have the skill to do it with such razor-sharp wit and a sense of mischief, without descending into being patronising or losing your compassion for everyone who may be involved, is something I marvel at time and again as much as I do your courage, and your determination to stand up for what you believe is right and speak out against injustice. Again I say “Brilliant”!

  17. jonbirch says:

    mdrev… haha! i now have that sketch firmly in my head. :-) i take your point well, but i do think that in certain circumstances it’s just best to run for the hills. that clanking python severed helmeted head, for all its brave shouting, probably wasn’t being realistic about the circumstance it found itself in. :-)

    janetp… thank you for your encouragement.

  18. where are the nurses ?

  19. JS says:

    Cutbacks — impacting healthcare everywhere, even on ASBO Jesus.

  20. Acolyte of Sagan says:

    Just looking at the cartoon, did AsboJesus get caught shoplifting in Saudi Arabia? :-)

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