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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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10 Responses to 1090

  1. Goodfield says:

    A ‘normal’ Christian! Does such a thing exist? Sounds like an oxymoron.

  2. J says:

    Aw cr@p. Now we have to define “normal”. That NEVER goes well, in a church setting… ; )

    (btw – yes!! all of the above!)

  3. subo says:

    i can do normal, normal gives me a sense of restfulness with no rainbow’s to chase. a place where I get to sing old favourites and feel cared about by the minister. yes, give me normal, where people are not trying to establish their leadership ministry, where people are ordinary and therefor everyone is special

  4. rithompson says:

    Can someone define “normal” for me? I’ve never been normal and never seen it outside a washing machine.

  5. jonbirch says:

    rithompson… i’ve no idea what ‘normal’ is.

  6. jonbirch says:

    j… ‘yes’ to all the above too!

  7. andy says:

    So where is this church then? and yes to the above

  8. jonbirch says:

    does it even exist?

  9. s4rahislife says:

    Oh god yes. If I were ever, the CofE would be my cup of tea. :)!

  10. John 3:16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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